Is Speedwriting Comments on Harriet a Summer Factory Job or a Fetish?


The question is, what do you make of these comments? Is Greg clever or is he trying to get banned? I mean, I never said anything as provocative as that to Travis Nichols, though almost everything he posted was a fetish, and he obviously loved it. Like this one, do you remember, the guys laid out on the parquet floor under the big blackboard? Or this one, the guy with the hair and what’s her name with the big mouth and the penis? I personally enjoyed both posts, a lot, but when that’s all you get you start asking questions — and when you get banned by the same guy it really matters!

The other aspect of this post that might be worth a comment — the voting. So what do you make of it? Now I just voted once for each myself, but I won’t tell you which one or how I voted, one up, one down, both up, or both down in the dumps and deflated. So how did I vote, and what did I mean? That’s a serious question because voting on such matters at all is yet another of Travis’ fetishes!

And Thomas Brady got banned because all his posts got buried in Red and still he remained not only cheerful but enormously creative right to the end. He was never scolded or warned or given any explanation by the management but just simply exited (that’s in the passive voice, take note, and that’s where it’s at!).

Ditto Desmond Swords with his huge, irrepressible  talents — what a contrast to these two little comments, or to anything that has been posted on Harriet since he left. And how does The Poetry Foundation of America feel about that?

Well, that’s why we’re here having a lot more fun on Scarriet than anybody seems to be having on Harriet.

Christopher Woodman