SCARRIET: the blog that expands Blog:Harriet

Freaky School Janitor Blows Geeky Poets’ Minds

A freaky feast indeed, the comments following Thomas Brady’s new treatise, A Brief Lesson in Foetics — go read them if you haven’t already.

Desmond Swords writes in his latest comment:
“High claims to be making, and on its own, a sermon from faery dollar moat; stern, passionate, utterly seductive… One needs to be orbital around a similar rim of ability and experience, to fully grasp the pertinent charge, claim and accusation being prosecuted by Eddie [A.E.Poe] here tom, i think.” [click here]

The problem at Blog:Harriet in a nutshell, the inability to be “orbital around a similar rim.”  That’s what Thomas Brady is exploring, the ‘reader’s block’ that has been conditioned into the American critical mind by the genteel phantoms that haunt our literary history.

That’s our nutshell on Scarriet. That’s where we’re at — demonstrating the limitations of the American poetry mind. And the object lesson is, of course, exactly what happened.

Think back a bit, those of you who know and love her well. Thomas Brady made Blog:Harriet, he really did, and everybody knows that too. Indeed, Thomas Brady was just about to be selected as a Contributing Writer when all this blew up, and that’s indeed the essential twist that lies behind all the turmoil. There had just been a Poetry Foundation On-Line Board meeting to finalize the new selection of writers, and there was a big brouhaha. Not everybody agreed, and as the dust settled it became apparent the problem was hugely divisive, and was simply not going to go away unless Brady was gotten rid of. So the next step was to devise a plan to undermine and eventually dismiss him…

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