Lights out, melt down, last stand, taps, whatever you want to call it, the great “Pee in the Pool of On-Line Poetry” on Clattery MacHinery has closed down the lid.

The great man himself, our Terreson, has not only cut off his nose inspite of his face but banned his supporters inspite of the cause. His friends, Thomas Brady, Desmond Swords and Christopher Woodman, have all been banned from Clattery MacHinery, and all their last posts deleted.

In the end, Terreson the reformer has betrayed everything he believed in. And why? Simply because his principles proved to be much less important to him than owning his one small idea — On-line Poetry Board Management was his thing, and his alone.

How absurd, what a waste — like a civil rights organization dedicated to protecting illegal aliens in America going to war with Amnesty International!

No more struggle for awareness on Clattery MacHinery then, no more high-minded action. Private ambition has retreated into the backroom to plan out a terrible reinvention. The maverick is now morphing into an establishment regular who will write anywhere as long as it makes him look good.

And you say you have troubles with cyber vandals, spammers, or critics and poets who won’t toe the line? Blog on fire? Give him a shout.

CLICK HERE to get in on the real On-line Poetry Board action.

Red in Michigan 1974

Terreson, On-line Fire Fighter, Poetry Hero

And for a whole lot more of Terreson’s secret talents, CLICK HERE.

More Keats with No Heart, No Risk, No Fancy!


So much lost on Blog:Harriet! When I read the new article about the Keats film with all those seductive reviews and then saw virtually no replies, I was staggered. I mean, how could this have happened? Because it’s such a wonderful article, Abigail Deutsch’s, a sheer delight including the illustration, but where are the souls that can rise to it? Why the stilted silence?

How much I learned during my 3 months on Blog:Harriet, and oh, how grateful I was to be part of such a diverse, passionate, unselfconscious community. And look at it now? A pale shadow — just chickens pecking in the dust, and of course keeping not too far away for fear of foxes, big RED ones! Nobody dares to dance anymore, nobody dares take chances.

How I loved Annie Finch’s contributions, for example, and how they flew.  109 comments she got after “Why I Am a Woman Poet” —  CLICK HERE and your heart too will be broken.

Yes, there is Terreson’s comment after Abigail Deutsch’s article, but he’s just repeating things he’s said a hundred times before. Earlier on Harriet he was much better. Go to “Why I Am a Woman Poet” and see how he could write when he wasn’t trying so hard to sound professional. Indeed, click here for Tere’s longest post on the “Woman Poet” thread, 792 words, if you can believe it — of course a distant second to dear Desmond Swords who hit almost 2000.

Here’s what Desmond said right at the end, and needless to say, there weren’t any grumbles!

“The post contains no satire or smart-assery, but picks up on Terreson’s comment on Eisler, because this theory of a 50/50 Poetic is something which all my learning has led to and this post is merely my latest try at clarifying what is essentially one of the central planks to a Phd equivalent of my own bardic brand which culminates at grade seven ollamh (poetry professor), which i have another 4 years to go before finding out if i got there or not.”

And then I did my best to rise to all of that as did we all. Here’s what I said, and it hurts to read it again because now I’m not allowed to write on Harriet at all!

Christopher Woodman

The Pee in the Pool of On Line Poetry, by Terreson

In the past few hours, dozens of posts have been deleted from “The Pee in the Pool of On-line Poetry” thread on the much-respected  Clattery MacHinery website. Even worse than that, certain posts that were in the deleted section were then reposted after the event — obviously the ones that were favorable to the management. Finally, all the posts attempting to discuss the deletions were deleted in turn.

CLICK HERE to see the very last deleted section and arrive at your own conclusion about Clattery and Terreson — who simply couldn’t abide by the idea that anybody else could have worthwhile ideas about On-line Poetry Board affairs. It was their turf, after all — we were tangling with the original On-line Poetry Board Sherrif!

(Oh the arrogance! Oh the ironies! Oh the destruction of such positive impulses!)

By the same token, we would like to encourage posters here to keep it positive. We all make mistakes, we all get to the end of our tethers. If Clattery MacHinery would like to step back and clear the air, we would be delighted. We could take this article down in a trice and get back into real dialogue over there.

Ditto Blog:Harriet — how we’d love to work with the Poetry Foundation where it’s at and not way out here at the end of this long, lonely limb!

Christopher Woodman