Poetry Reading 2

Now let’s say you’ve got 2 or maybe even 3 days before you’ve got any competition from Harriet, unless of course Terreson doesn’t Pass Go, doesn’t Go to Jail,  and wins the Beauty Contest anyway. What would be your caption (20 words or less, and don’t bother if this is your 2nd post today — because that would put you way over the limit!)?

Oh go on, have a try. It’s only a little blog, and you know you’re a poet!

And to show you we really care, we’ll post a reply to anything you offer, however au courant or mumbled.

Like this, for example: Click here to read Thomas Brady’s response to Stephen Cope’s comment  on Tonya Foster’s ‘Ramadan’ thread. I mean, the appetite for what you all are doing on Harriet is insatiable!