How to comment

If you’ve never commented at Cowpattyhammer, you can do so with a Google, Facebook, Twitter, or WordPress address.

The first time you leave a reply your words will be held briefly for moderation. This is not to check for content, but rather to make sure you’re not a spambot.

As there is as much as a 12 hour time difference, the Administrator (i.e. me) may be in bed so this may take a bit of time. Once your comment goes up you can join in the discussion anytime you like and your words will appear immediately.

“Comments” always come up at the very end of each thread. “Replies” can be placed after any previous Comment or Reply.

If you make a mistake in a Comment or Reply,  please get in touch with me and I’ll be pleased to edit it. If you want to rewrite a whole Comment or Reply, please just post your new version and I will delete the original. (You will find my e-mail address if you click on my Gravatar.)

Christopher Woodman